Locarno : Film Festival Turns to Young Generation


Time is an ever enduring philosophical problem, which has a very mundane plane in the spatial expression of it. Historicity, contemporaneity and futurity are all bigger problems related with the philosophical concept of time. Cinema is never out of it, but rather immersed in it, as Deleuze calls it "a time image". But what about festivals? Does it have to respond to so called "changes", historicity, contemporaneity and futurities? Here the 69 th edition of Locarno film festival which has got the historical legacy raises these concerns with the conduct of film festivals.

This festival comes up with a critical evaluation of the concept of festival itself asking certain pertinent questions regarding the evolution of film festivals. The inevitable structural changes that has to be ingrained into the concept of film festival is reposed in the contemporary context of information revolution. The impetus to change becomes an imperative for the film festivals too, like all other spheres which has already responded to this phenomenon. The redefinition of rapport between the world and image creates a crisis for the traditional notion of festival. Festival officials claim that the key to this new shift in technology is to keep a close tab on the virtual world offered by the technological revolution.  This festival is claimed to be focusing on young generation as the central audience and attempts to cop up with the imminent changes borne out of this technological shift and the concomitant perception of world.

Amidst these structural changes that may question the traditional contours of the film festival in general, the authorities is finding resolution in the radical democratization of this festival. The intention is to enrich a culture of sharing and new experience of cinema by bringing it into public with the screening of world premiere films at the square of  Locarno town, known as Piazza Grande, which can contain eight thousand of people.  As the President of the festival, Marco Solari confesses, the victory of this festival lies in the success of this  attempt to democratize the concept of festival and in its capacity to attract the young generation. As the world goes technological and the new focus shifts to the young generation of the society, the film festivals are also getting prepared to address this change. The 69th edition of Locarno film festival paves the way, which has to be adopted by the different festivals across the world sooner or later.